Fabio Cembranelli

Fabio Cembranelli


2020 Dates TBD

Mon..- Thurs. 9:00-4:00 


“My technique is based on wet on wet painting, and wet on dry painting,  with an spontaneous and intuitive approach.” 

Offered to all levels of ability, Students must have had 

previous experience with watercolor. 

Located at the Historic La Fonda Hotel

On the Santa Fe Plaza, Santa Fe NM USA

Cost TBD,  $200 deposit will hold your place - Send $200 deposit to Miriam Joseph, P.O. Box 66297, Albuquerque, NM, 87193

 There is an airport shuttle from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, call 24 hours ahead- Sandia Shuttle, 505-474-5696 


Fábio Cembranelli, a renowned Brazilian artist, started painting at university, where he studied architecture. After graduating, he took drawing, sculpture and photography courses in his home town of São Paolo, and continued his studies in Europe and US during the 90s. He still lives and works in São Paulo. His paintings feature in exhibitions and collections worldwide,

Fábio currently works in two artistic fields: watercolours and acrylics, and his unique and luminous floral watercolours are known internationally. 

Explaining why he has chosen transparent watercolour as his favorite medium, he says -

"What compels me to paint with this approach is the possibility of painting quickly. It suits my personality best -- the fluidity of the medium provides a unique sensation of unexpected colour mixing, particularly when I define only the main masses and allow the unpredictable to happen on the rest of the paper. Timing is quite important in my method. I lean intuitively toward realism, but the right speed forces me to create diffused effects and shapes. I love painting flowers and landscapes in watercolour and I'm always enchanted by the attempt to capture the contrast between loose and definitive edges, as well as light and shadow effects."

Fábio teaches painting techniques in his studio, in art galleries, as well as workshops and painting holidays throughout Brazil and abroad. Nowadays his work is focused on plein air painting, observing and studying nature firsthand at inspiring outdoor locations.

In the upcoming years he will be tutoring several workshops in Europe, Asia and North America. He is also a regular contributor to various painting magazines and also works as illustrator for some publishing in South America.



materials list

Additional Information

Fabio Cembranelli Material List

Paints: (Fabio prefers in tubes)

􀁆 Indian Yellow

􀁆 Gamboge Lake Extra

􀁆 Quinacridone Gold

􀁆 Translucent Orange

􀁆 Burnt Sienna

􀁆 Perylene Maroon

􀁆 Burnt Umber

􀁆 Opera Rose

􀁆 Quinacridone Red

􀁆 Cadmium Red Light

􀁆 Winsor Deep Red

􀁆 Transparent Alizarin Crimson

􀁆 Quinacridone Magenta

􀁆 Cobalt Blue

􀁆 Manganese Blue

􀁆 French Ultramarine

􀁆 Green Gold

􀁆 Leaf Green

􀁆 Permanent Rose

􀁆 Sap Green

􀁆 Viridian

􀁆 Shadow Violet


DaVinci brushes, Fabio Cembranelli Signature Collection,

a custom line of signature brushes made for Fabio

Cembranelli by DaVinci in Germany.

􀁆 2 sets of flat and round brushes

􀁆 Fan Brush (Synthetic): Raphael , 4 or 6.


􀁆 Moulin du Roy (Cold Pressed), 300 g/m - Fabio

Cembranelli first choice – lifts easily which is part of his technique

􀁆 Arches (Cold Pressed), 300g/m.

􀁆 Fabriano Artistico (Cold Pressed), 300g/m.

*artists can bring a few full sheets ( 30 x 22 inches) or

watercolor paper blocks.


􀁆 Paper Towel

􀁆 Masking Fluid

􀁆 Sketchbook.

This is just a suggestion, students don’t need to

purchase everything. They can bring their material, no